Calvin Wong
Interim Executive Director


Jennifer Cox
Interim Lead Counsel



Bernée Bolton
Director of Communications


Terrellyn Fearn
Director of Health

Terrellyn Fearn joins the National Inquiry bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the area of violence prevention, crisis intervention, community development and wellness. She is of mixed ancestry and a member of Glooscap First Nation with strong Mi’kmaq lineage from her paternal grandmother and rich Irish roots from her maternal grandmother.

She brings wisdom and understanding of inter-generational trauma in Indigenous contexts and has extensive experience developing training, curriculum, and programs through this lens. Her practice over the last 22 years has focused in the area of health, child welfare, and violence prevention in over 300 Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

Terrellyn has created culturally specific health frameworks and assessment tools and has published books relating to health and wellness of Indigenous children and trauma informed resources for non-Indigenous service providers supporting Indigenous families. Her individual and group work is rooted in honouring inter-generational resilience which forms the foundation for wellness and healing.
Her passion to end violence and abuse against Indigenous people is rooted in her traditional principles and teachings which aim to strengthen families, communities, and Nations.