Families, Survivors and Loved Ones

Members of the National Family Advisory Circle are volunteers to provide advice to the National Inquiry. The members are not involved in any operations. Members were invited by the Commissioners to participate based on three considerations:

  1. They are recognized as longtime leaders and advocates or their loved ones.
  1. They have indicated interest to the National Inquiry to provide their support.
  1. They are representative of a diversity of nations, geographical regions, and urban or rural communities across the country.


Micah Arreak

Cynthia May Cardinal

Sue Caribou

Lorraine Clements

Pamela Marie Fillier

Norma Jacobs

Sharon Johnson

Ceejai Julian

Myrna LaPlante

Barbara Manitowabi

Sue Martin

Melanie Morrison

Pauline Muskego

Sarah Nowyakallak

Laurie Odjick

Darlene Osborne

Bernice Poitras (Gul Kiit Jaad)

Gladys Radek

Lesa Semmler

Charlotte Wolfrey

The National Inquiry is grateful to the families, and to those who support them, who have and continue to provide advice and guidance.