Office of the Executive Director

Aideen Nabigon, Interim Executive Director

Lauren Casey, Executive Assistant


Communications Team

Bernée Bolton, Director of Communications

Caroline Nepton-Hotte, Communications Advisor

Tiar Wilson, Communications Advisor

Nicole Brabant, Administrative Assistant


Community Relations Team

Waneek Horn-Miller, Director of Community Relations

Farren Saulis, Administrative Assistant

Alana Boileau - Quebec, Community Liaison Officer

Looee Okalik - Inuit Nunangat, Community Liaison Officer

Melissa Carlick - Yukon and Northwest, Community Liaison Officer

Morene Garbriel - Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Community Liaison Officer 

Penny Kerrigan - British Columbia/Alberta, Community Liaison Officer 

Denise Pictou-Maloney - Nova Scotia, Community Liaison Officer

Sarah Rourke - Akwesasne, Community Liaison Officer


Health Team

Terrellyn Fearn, Director of Health

Barbara Sevigny, Manager - Health

Jodie Millward, Manager - Health

Vicky Laforge, Ontario/Quebec - Health Support Coordinator

Jamie Springchief, Alberta - Health Support Coordinator

Lynda Watson, Case Support Worker

Melodie Casella, Case Support Worker

Michelle Itwaru, Executive Coordinator


Legal Team

Susan Vella, Lead Commission Counsel

Wendy Van Tongeren-Harvey, Commission Counsel

Alain Arsenault, Commission Counsel

Christa Big Canoe, Commission Counsel

Karen Snowshoe, Commission Counsel

Fanny Wylde, Commission Counsel

Joseph Murdoch-Flowers, Commission Counsel

Breen Ouellette, Commission Counsel

Lillian Lundrigan, Commission Counsel

Jennifer Cox, Commission Counsel

Ken Rock, Commission Counsel


Research Team

Aimée Craft, Director of Research

Kelsey Hutton, Researcher

Cheryl Troupe, Researcher

Paulette Regan, Senior Research Advisor

Lisa Koperqualuk, Researcher

Petra Turcotte, Senior Archivist

Monique Gabryluk, Executive Assistant


Operations Team 

Alexandre Desharnais, Manager - Logistics Coordination

Sheila Powell, Senior Advisor - Information Management Systems

Behnaz Tehrani-Ami, Manager - Information Management

Nicholas Obomsawin, Manager - Corporate Services

Erin Clupp, Records Manager

Lorraine Richard, Events Coordinator

Cheryl Matthew-Giannunzio, Logistics Coordinator

Jennifer Neufelt, Travel Coordinator

Véronique Ayotte, Administrative Assistant


Executive Assistants and Special Advisors


Christian Rock, Special Advisor to Commissioner Audette

Gladys Wraight, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Robinson

Andréane Collard-Simard, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Audette

Bryan Zandberg, Executive Assistant to Chief Commissioner Buller