National Inquiry Resources

Memorial Candles

Research Plan 

This document lays out the basic framework, vision, key considerations, project criteria and overall strategy guiding the research of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Paths of Inquiry

This document outlines the National Inquiry’s broad scope of research. It sets out research clusters and themes that will allow the Inquiry to examine violence against Indigenous women and girls within the broader context of colonialism.

Lexicon of Terminology

 The following is a list of terms for use by the National Inquiry.

Call for Artistic Expressions

Art is an important medium for sharing knowledge and truth that can have a profound impact on others. It can be a permanent record that shares the truth about violence against Indigenous women, and provides awareness into the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Artistic Expression allows artists to share their voices. Artistic Expressions can be used as a tool to share knowledge, promote activism, commemorate, engage in reconciliation, address trauma and support, deepen and enhance the healing process.

The National Inquiry's Consolidated Literature Review 

Of reports relating to violence against Indigenous Women and Girls.

Master list of Recommendations organized by themes




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