Truth Gathering Process

Photo - Caribou RiverPrior to the hearings, the National Inquiry is inviting family members, loved ones, and survivors to reach out to us and identify themselves. This is the only way to ensure active participation in the process. Please email the National Inquiry at with your name, contact information, and location, or call our toll-free line at 1-844-348-4119. A member of our team will contact you.

The Commissioners are committed to a process that will give dignity and respect for you and your lost loved one(s). As part of this commitment, the Commissioners want you to share details about your loved one so we can understand who she was.

We would like to know her full name, age, where she was born and when. While it is important to understand from you the circumstances leading to your loved one's violent/wrongful/suspicious death or unexplained disappearance, we would also like to know who your loved one was, including:

  • Her strengths, her gifts, her talents, her hopes and dreams
  • Some of the struggles, challenges she faced, and her resilience
  • Was she a mother? How many children did she have?
  • A favorite memory or story about her
  • How we can honour your loved one(s)’ memory through this National Inquiry
  • Receive any photographs, records, or objects concerning your lost loved one